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Vaping Saved My LIfe!

I loved smoking so much that I found it impossible to stop lighting up the next cigarette. After trying every available prescription medication with every quit method under the sun, it became obvious that smoking would eventually kill me. That was until... I found a flavorful Candy Cane e-liquid, vaporized in a subohm tank, which completely eliminated my craving for a cigarette. This miraculous technology known as Vaping empowers anyone who WANTS to QUIT SMOKING the opportunity to overcome their addiction to deadly combustible cigarettes. Unfortunately, it IS NOT as simple as giving everyone who wants to quit smoking, a Candy Cane flavored Juul, and calling it a day. Vaping works because with the right flavor AND the right device, it is possible to create a pleasurable experience which far exceeds what smoking ever could. This CANNOT be accomplished without finding what works best for your individual needs. The options and combinations can be daunting when you first learn about vaping. But rest assured, there is a combination that can empower you to forget cigarettes even exist. Vaping can be so good at eliminating the craving for a cigarette, that there have actually been people who accidentally quit smoking. Yes! You read that correctly! It is possible to ACCIDENTALLY QUIT SMOKING because of picking up a single flavorful vape.

This is the reason Hunky Vape exists.

The knowledge that an affordable technology exists, which empowers people to overcome their addiction to deadly combustible cigarettes must be shouted from every roof top across the globe, plastered on every billboard, and published on every social media platform for all to see.

Vaping is not completely harmless, and it is not something non-smokers should start doing just for kicks.

However, multiple long-term scientific studies have already determined that Nicotine Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Well… actually, the latest report from the Cancer Research U.K indicates the vaping is more like 97% safer than smoking and yet another long-term study comparing never smokers with nicotine vapers indicates that nicotine vapers only had a 1% increased chance of cancer. Divorced from cigarette smoke, nicotine is a relatively benign stimulant. Yes, it's addictive, like caffeine, but it's now even being studied as a way to minimize chances of getting Covid-19.

Buddha said, "Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and The TRUTH!"

The truth is exactly what Hunky Vape will ensure people learn about.

Personally, I think you cannot fully develop an opinion of something without using it all day and then the next. Some things require a good week or two before you can find a workaround for the things you don't care for but are now stuck with because you bought it. Seriously, how many times have you tried a vape juice and had an initial reaction where the product is ok, but not what you thought it would be like? Well if you kept using it and then woke up the next day to the same juice, your opinion will probably be different because your tongue has rested all night. It is obvious that our pallets get used to certain flavors and for the rest of the day those flavors are muted compared to the next morning. It's a fact of life for a vapor that we will eventually get vapors tongue.

What do you do to get rid of vapors tongue? If you google it I'm sure you will find lots of suggestions, like try eating something with hot sauce or try lemon juice, or try changing your vape juice to something else. The reality is that your tongue is simply overloaded and that is why you have vapors tongue. Yes, hydration is important and Yes, you should drink lots of fluids; but that's not going to reset your tongue from being overloaded. That would be like telling someone who pulled a muscle by lifting a really heavy box, that Gatorade will relieve your muscle cramps. If you are dehydrated then you will be more likely to get vapors tongue, but that is not the primary reason for it. Taking a nap is better advice, than eat something with hot sauce.
Speaking of hot sauce, have you ever watched or read a review of something and the reviewer flipped out or badmouthed something that you thought shouldn't really matter? Some people get really big heads when they become popular and some are downright cruel to their "fans". This will not happen at nor will you find this on our YouTube channel. Hunky Vape is all about understanding that there is something about a product that got us to pull out the cash and buy it or there is something of value we find in something before we spend our limited time on it! We also understand that most of these products are nonreturnable once they are opened. That is a fact of life when dealing with a product that people are using to inhale vapors directly into their lungs.

So, what do you do when you bought a clearance vape kit and simply don't like something about it? Sure, you could just go buy something else, but chances are that you have very limited resources and the last thing you want is to spend more money that won't solve the problem.
Hunky Vape is all about offering solutions to these kinds of problems because we have been there before and with a little patience a solution can usually be found. With the right solution it is easy to go from really disliking a product to loving it! We will always attempt to show you how!

If there is anything we can do, to help you make the craft of vaping better or help you in your vaping journey, please reach out to us via, YouTube Video comment, Facebook Messenger or email.

Thank You for reading this article and we hope you enjoy the content from and our Hunky Vape YouTube channel.

Peace, Love, and a Hunky Vape is all you need to stay off the stinkies!