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I was a smoker for decades and tried everything my Doctor could think of to quit smoking but nothing worked... until I found a Candy Cane Flavored Vape. Now I'm finally a non-smoker and want to show you how easy it was to quit smoking by picking up a flavorful vape! (My Combustible Tobacco Independence Day was Sept. 27th, 2019.)

Since I QUIT SMOKING, people have died from cigarette combustion.

ZERO have died from nicotine vaping!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 DJ Alex Articles 1965
Welcome to HunkyVape.com. Your News Website for All things Vape Related... so you stay off the stinkies! Hunky Vape will strive to create passionate content fostering vaping advocacy, present weekly industry news reports, demonstrate the help needed by new vapers and old vapers alike, and last but not least, entertaining product reviews showcasing new and old products side by side so you can comparatively see how they stack up, if they last, and what kind of quality/performance you should expect if you buy one vs. the other.
Monday, March 20, 2023 DJ Alex Articles 507
The Spring Cleaning Contest begins March 21st, 2023. Well it's that time of year to begin spring cleaning and it seems I now have a box that needs to go away. If you are interested in having this box sent to you, search for the links posted on the Hunky Vape pages found on all the usual social media platforms. Short and Sweet. The contest ends Tuesday the 11th of April 2023 and will be drawn on the live stream. (If for some reason it can't be done on that day it will be drawn on the very next live stream.) Good Luck and stay combustion free!